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18 September 2017

5 Features that are Copied from Android in iPhone X | iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Apple has launched its iPhone X. It is the Tenth Anniversary iPhone that's why it is called iPhone X (Tenth). Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, also introduced Apple TV 4K and Apple Watch Series 3. But the most awaiting launch was of iPhone and Apple lauched its three iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. iPhone X pitched as 'The Future of Smartphones'. As most of the people are saying that iPhone X is a revolutionary phone. But we think that it is far away from the title 'Revolutionary'.

Today we are going to talk about the features in iPhone X that was already available in many other Android phones from many years. We are not hating any phone. We are only provide the information for you and only give our suggestions. So please don't hate our views. And enjoy reading.

Wireless Charging

Wireless technology is very old. As we all know that wireless charging was available with numerous smartphones from many years. But Apple iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X are the first phones in which Apple provides wireless charging.

Smartphones based on Android had already launched with the wireless charging. All iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for this evolution but those who are using Android phones, are getting these functions in many phones.

In some countries, Samsung, Android based company, had start giving wireless charger for free with its Note 8 series. So that's the exact point - Apple is so late in entering the Wireless world.

OLED Display

Since beginning, Apple is using standard LED display on every phone.  Also, iPhone 8 and 8 plus are still have standard LED display. However, as we know, iPhone X is the first iPhone ever which has OLED display.

But, Samsung are using AMOLED display in its most smartphones, which came in 2009 whereas iPhone gives OLED display first time in 2017. Samsung also start using SAMOLED display in its Samsung Galaxy Note 8 series.

So again, iPhone is too late in using OLED display.

Dual OIS Camera

Apple has just launched Dual OIS camera firstly in iPhone X.  Dual OIS means Dual Optical Image Stabilization. Apple added OIS Rear Camera. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has also Dual OIS camera with its both rear camera. Most of the people are saying that iPhone is technically beat by Samsung in new functions. Yes, it is...!

Face ID

Apple launch iPhone X with something called Face ID. Face Recognition is not a new technology in smartphone world. Most of the companies had already given the Face ID type function, like Microsoft Lumia etc.

Again, Samsung beat Apple in this also. Samsung not even giving Face ID. It is also giving Iris Scanner. And no one knows that when iPhone will give this feature. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 series have Face Recognition with Iris Scanner which are working properly.

Swipe-Based Interface

iPhone's swipe based interface is not a new function. We have already seen this type of interface in many other Android phones. Recently, Nokia N9 and Blackberry Z10 also has Swipe based interface. 

So, at the end we can also say that Samsung beat Apple in adopting new technologies. You can also go for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 series if you want new technologies in less price comparatively than iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But if you are iPhone Lover then you can go to buy iPhone X.

Thanks for Reading...

16 September 2017

What is Linux Operating System? | Linux OS

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the most famous free and open source operating system, which is none other than – Linux.

Linux Operating System

Linux is a computer operating system. It is free and based on open source software development. It’s most important component is Linux Kernel.  Linux Kernel was first introduced on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is written in Primarily C and Assembly. Linux is based on Unix-like Operating System Family. The Kernel type use in Linux is Monolithic or Linux Kernel.

Originally, it was developed for Personal Computers (PC) which is actually based on the Intel  x86 architecture. But, after that it has been ported to many platforms. Linux is being ported to many platforms than any OS. Linux is the leading operating system on servers.

Other big iron system like Mainframe computers etc, are also using Linux operating system. More than 2.3% of Desktop Computers are running on Linux in the World.

The Linux development is considered as one of the most famous and also prominent example of free and open-source software. As we know that the open-source software is a type of software which is available with its source code in market with its license.

As we know, Unix became most popular and likable operating system in 1980s. But because of its many restriction most of the people stop using it. So, most of the people think that why not they made an operating system just like Unix but without any restrictions and this made the birth of Linux.

Unlike Unix, Linux gave users the free way to anyone to share things and improve as per their requirements.

The ‘Tux’ – the Penguin is the symbol of Linux. The name of the Penguin is Tux. The idea of the penguin came from the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Larry Ewing was made this logo for a competition to create a Logo. This logo didn’t win the competition but was picked as a mascot for Linux, whenever anyone see the Tux, it means that it will work with Linux.

As we talk above, the most of the code of Linux is written in primarily C. Around 71% of the source code  is written in C and rest is written in C++, Assembly Language, Fortran (Formula Translator), Phython, Perl and various other.

There are many several other operating system that use the Linux Kernel:

NOTE: If you want to know about these operating systems in details so please comment below and we’ll add them soon.

The ‘Kernel’ is just like the core of computer program in an OS. The kernel helps as a connection between the hardware and software of a computer system. Therefore, it controls everything which occurs in the computer system.

GNU General Public License (GPL), licensed most of the GNU software and also Linux Kernel.  ‘Linux’ is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.

Thanks for Reading…


2 September 2017

Everything About iPhone 8: Release Date, Specs, Name, Price and Rumors/Reports

Our favorite Apple is now ready to launch the brand new iPhone 8. This time Apple will launch its iPhone 8 on 12th September and the event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple Park Campus. Apple has sent out the press invite for the event at the new Steve Jobs Theatre, a new ‘Spaceship’ Campus in Cupertino, California.

  • Apple will launch its iPhone 8 on 12th September.
  • Apple will also launch its new Apple Watch and Apple TV Models.
  • iPhone Edition will be the Anniversary Edition by Apple for completing its 10 years of revolution.
  • It will have sport rear glass casing.

As we know that, this will be the tenth anniversary of Apple’s iPhone 8, so there is much expectation to Apple to launch that creative phone which will raise the new wave in Smartphone industry by its revolutionary features.

This is expected that Apple will launch the three iPhone models along with Apple watch, this year. And there is largely rumored that the three models of that Apple’s iPhone which will have to launch in event will be – iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

On the other hand, some information said that the three iPhones will be iPhone 8, iPhone 8s Plus and iPhone Edition. iPhone Edition will be the limited edition anniversary phone with some changes.

As this is Apple, the rumors also said that, the iPhone Edition will come with Sport rear glass casing, stainless steel and will support Qi wireless charging which will compatible with all type of Qi chargers. The new iPhone is expected to not come with small display. Some reports says that the iPhone 8 willl be the largest display mad by Apple. It is also expected that the iPhone 8 will not have traditional Touch ID Fingerprint scanner and instead there will be 3-D Sensors.

The pricing of iPhone 8 is not confirm that’s why we are not going to give you any information about Price, sorry. You can also read some other Articles on iPhone 8 which was posted before:

Thanks for Reading…

History of Android

Hello friends, today we going to talk about the History of Android.....

History of Android OS

Android is the most popular Operating System in World. This was created by Google for Mobiles and Tablets. Google created this Operating System in 2009. The Android is totally free for all and you can easily download it from anywhere to use it in your device. It is an open source Linux based Operating System.

Android launches the new version of its Operating System almost every year. The list of all Android's version is below:

  • Android Alpha
  • Android Beta
  • Android Cupcake
  • Android Donut
  • Android Eclair
  • Android Froyo
  • Android Gingerbread
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Android Ice-cream Sandwich
  • Android Jelly Bean
  • Android Kitkat
  • Android Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow
  • Android Nougat

As you see that the versions of Android are in ABCD... sequence and this is currently on alphabet 'N' (when this article had posted). You probably also noticed that these names are based on the sweets.

Almost every day, 170,000 new users add in the list of using Android. Around 78% of mobiles in World are running on Android and 20% on iOS and others are on other operating system.

Android Operating System is not only used in Mobile and Tablets, nowadays. It is actually used in Google set-top box and Many other Televisions.

Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nich Sears and Chris White were the developer of Android in October, 2003. 

After that, on August, 2005, Google own this Operating System from the developers.

Actually, Android is the nickname of Andy Rubin given by coworkers because of his extreme love with Robots.

The first Android phone was launched by HTC in 2008.

This is the small history of our lovely Operating System - Android. We hope you like this. Share this with your friends so that, they also get the knowledge about Android's History. 

Thanks For Reading...

4 August 2017

How to close Un-Responding/Frozen Applications?

Sometimes when you are working on your computer and then surprisingly your software in which you are working gets freeze and stuck and you are not able to do anything in that. This may happens, sometimes because of un-stability of the software or because of some viruses. When this happens to you, the main problem raised is:
  • You won’t be able to close that program, and
  • You won’t be able to click any buttons within the application.

Whenever this happened to you, you can use these following steps:

SOLUTION 1 – Task Manager

When this problem occurs,

In Windows: You can press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Del, means Control Key, Alt Key and Delete Key on your keyboard. This will open a Task Manager.
  • When the task manager dialog box appears on your screen:
  • Select that Unresponsive Application, and
  • Click End Task to close that frozen application.

In Windows 10 

In Mac: You can press and hold Command+Option+Esc Keys on your Keyboard to open Task Manager.
  • When the task manager dialog box appears on your screen:
  • Select that Unresponsive Application, and
  • Click End Task or Force Quit to close that frozen application. 

SOLUTION 2 - Restart

If the above solution won’t work and you are unable to close or end or Force Quit that application, then there is only trick, which is Restart your computer. This will Restart your computer system and close all the working applications. But this may lost your unsaved work.

If you have any other trick or tip related to this topic then comment below so we can add in this article.

Thanks for reading…

30 June 2017

Fingerprint Recognition

As we know that every smartphone company give a fingerprint sensor on their phones. This is said to be the most secure type of lock in smartphones. So today we are going to talk about Fingerprint Recognition (or Scanner).

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Scanners are the type of security system of biometrics and used to identify individuals and this helps to verify their identity. As we know that, everyone has a unique mark on their fingers and that can never be removed or changed by anyone. The marks or patterns on your fingers are said to be yours Fingerprint.

Types of Patterns

The unique pattern on every fingers make difficult to divide in some specific characteristics because there are countless combinations of fingerprint. But there are three basic patterns of fingerprint ridges:
  • Arch
  • Loop
  • Whorl

We are not sharing any other information of the patterns. If you want to know more Search it on Google… :-)

Types of Fingerprint Scanners

There are basically four types of fingerprint scanners:

  • Optical Scanners: This type of scanners uses the digital cameras to take a visual image of fingerprint.
  • Capacitive Scanners: This type of scanners, form an image of your fingerprint by using the capacitors and electrical current.
  • Thermal Scanners: As the name say, this use temperature to find the difference on the contact surfaces.
  • Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanners: It uses high frequency sound waves to detect fingerprints.

29 June 2017

How to use your Whatsapp as your Private Storage Space?

WhatsApp Messenger is the free-of-cost and instant messaging service for smartphones. WhatsApp is now available for nearly all devices, including your Desktop screen.

It uses the internet to sent messages, GIFs, videos, documents etc. Most people only use their WhatsApp for sending messages. Nowadays, WhatsApp is the only way to connect with our friends.

We are sure that you are primarily using your WhatsApp only for text messaging and calls but there are also some of the interesting things which you can do it in your WhatsApp, and today we are going to tell you one of these interesting tricks.

If you want your Private Storage Space in your WhatsApp, you only want to create a virtual contact in which you sent your documents or anything.

As you know that, it is not possible to send anything to your own number but today we are going to tell you a simple hack. You only need to make a new WhatsApp group with just a single participant, which is YOU! –
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Create a new group.
  • Add any Number from your address book.
  • Give any name and save.
  • Now go to the group and remove that participant.
  • Now you are alone in that WhatsApp group.

That’s all! Now you have a private store in WhatsApp and it is only visible only to you because there is only one participant – You.

And if you want to store or transfer a documents from your Computer to Phone by using ‘WhatsApp Web

Thanks for Reading...

27 June 2017

How to Zip Files in Windows?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Zipping the files/folders.

Why do we need Zip Files/Folders?

Zipping files or folder compresses them so it takes less space in your Hard Drive. Zip files are much smaller than the original ones so it can be easier to shared/transferred the files or folders to other computers. So if you want more files saved in your computer then zipping is the best way to stored many files and folders and also in less space.

How to Zip Files or Folders in Windows 10 Using the ‘Send To’ Menu?

NOTE: If you are using windows 8/8.1 or 7 then you will use second way…

You can zip files/folders in Windows 10 directly by using File Explorer and don’t need any third-party tools.

Steps are:
  • Select the File(s) / Folder(s) which you want to be compress. You can easily select as many you File(s) and Folder(s) which you want to zip.
  • Right Click on the File(s)/Folder(s).

  • Select ‘Send To’ option from the Dialog Box.
  • Then, Select ‘Compressed (Zipped) Folder’.
  • Name the Zip File. Windows automatically suggests you the name of the ZIP file according to the File(s)/Folder(s), you selected to Zip.

How to Zip Files or Folders in Windows 10 Using the Ribbon Menu?

The first way may be difficult if you are using 2-in-1 laptops. Because people mainly used their fingers (Touch), so it will be difficult in ‘Step 2’.

So, the Steps are:
  • Select your File(s) or Folder(s).
  • Navigate to the Share Tab.

  • Click the Zip Button.

Thanks for Reading...

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