26 July 2016

More on Adobe Flash Professional CS6

         More on Adobe Flash Professional CS6

Adobe Falsh Professional CS6 is a software used to creating animations,games,cartoons,text
graphics and other special effects.It also helps to design ‘movies’ on the web and create
animations without using programming skills.
To start Adobe Professional CS6,follow the given steps:
Steps-1 Open the Charms bar and click Search charm. Steps-2 Type Adobe Flash Professional CS6 in the
                 search box. A list of search result appears.
Steps-3 Click the Adobe Flash Professional CS6.
                 The Flash screen appears

To create a new Flash file, check the ActionScript 3.0 option from
the Create New option list.
The Adobe Flash Professional CS6 interface has the following componenets: Menu Bar gives access to all the commands available in Flash.
Stage is the white rectangular area where your work is displayed.
Work Area refers to the light grey area around the Stage.
You can place objects here until you want them to appear on the stage.
Property Inspector is used to organise and modify the properties of the
current selection.
Timeline Panel organises and controls a file content over time in layers
and frames.
Tools Panel is used to different tools.
Color Palette is used to different colours.
To design a animation movie, the Timeline plays an important role.
It controls a file content over time. It is like compiling all details
on the movie reel and sequencing the scene to be played.
The Timeline is made up of frames and layers.

The playhead indicates the current frame displayed on the stage.
As a file plays, the playhead moves from left to right through
the Timeline.


Frames control the period of time of the movie .
A Flash movie is made up of several frames.
Each frame has some content. These frames
are displayed in a series to play the movie.

A Keyframe is a frame in which you define a
change in  the object for an animation.
The change may be moving ,resizing,rotating,
adding or deleting the object.
Layers are like sheet of transparent paper arranged
in stack. Each layer is separate thing, but when
you have a stack of layers,each with drawings on
them, they can create an entire scene.
For example, you may have background on
one layer and the animated object on another
layer, You can work on one layer without affecting
the other layers

A symbol is an object created in Flash.
Various copies of it can be made and
it can be reused.
    Library Palette
All  symbols used in a Flash movie are stored
in the Library palette.
  Creating Instances
After creating a symbol, You can create an
instance of it, by selecting the symbol
from the Library Palette and dragging it on
the stage.

Animating refers to drawings created amd
compiled in a manner to show movement.
A series of drawings or images are linked
together in a loop. This creates the
illusion of movement.

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