7 things that Google 'Allo' do better than 'Whatsapp'



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    1. Google Assistant

Allo comes with Google Assistant integration, incorporating the search functionality into the app.

Google’s virtual assistant, can pull out information from the web and also embed YouTube videos within a chat. Within messages, users can also call their friends using the Assistant.

For instance you can say "@google What restaurants are near us?" and it will give you a list of restaurants around. The company also claims that the assistant will become better with time.

     2. Smart reply

The app is equipped with a 'Smart Reply' feature, earlier seen in the Inbox by Gmail app.

It suggests automatic replies to save a user’s time. It uses artificial intelligence to read text and replying patterns of users, and then comes up with relevant suggestions.

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Initially suggestions may be simple and basic, but with usage it picks up users' idioms to offer quirky replies. So, whether you say ‘hahaha’ or ‘Lol’, the Smart Reply with adjust to your style of communication.

     3. Incognito Mode

Privacy is one a major concern when it comes to digital communication.

Google has introduced an Incognito mode in Allo to address this concern.

It’s based on the company’s open signal protocol and is designed to offer a seamless and secure chatting experience. If a user receives a message while in Incognito mode, its contents on the lockscreen are invisible, making it completely private and secure.
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    4. Image Recognition

Allo comes with Google's image recognition software for intelligent replies.
This can easily spot differences, for instance between a dog and a baby, and then suggest an apt response for the same.

    5. Gmail Account Sync

Google Allo takes your phone number for primary identification, but if required then your Google account can also be synced with the app.
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This will further enable you to get all important updates. For example, if you have a flight to catch, then the app will notify you about the same in advance.

     6. Set Timer to auto-delete messages

An interesting feature in the app is its ability to help you set a timer for your messages to be deleted.

You can set a timer starting from 5 seconds, and once read the message gets deleted automatically.

     7. Bigger font size

Google has also introduced a better way for users to express themselves in conversations.

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It has incorporated two slider buttons -‘Whisper’ and ‘Shout’. Users can increase or decrease the font size using these slider buttons.

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