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Computer Networking is very vital and important to human life and organizations because of the following reasons:

Sharing Information or Data

Sharing of information quickly and inexpensively has proven to be one of the most popular use of networking technology. E-mail happens to be the number-activity of people who use the internet. Many businesses have invested in networks specifically to take advantage of network-based e-mail and scheduling programs.
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By making information available for sharing, networks can reduce need for paper communication, increase efficiency, and make nearly any type of data available simultaneously to every user who needs it. Managers can use these utilities to communicate quickly and efficiently with large numbers of people and to organize and schedule meetings with people drawn from an entire company or business enterprise.

Sharing Software

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Network is used to share and standardize applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, inventory database and so onto ensure that everyone on the network is using the same applications and the same versions of those applications. This allows documents to be shared easily and creates training efficiencies because it is easier for people to master one word processing application than to tryc to learn five or six different types.

Sharing Hardware

When there were no networks, computer users needed their own printers, fax and other peripherals and the only way to share a fax then was to take turns sitting at the computer connected to the printer. Network has made it possible for many people to share data and peripherals simultaneously. Many people can use a printer available on a network at xb.
a time.

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Centralizing Administration and Support

Computers on a network also simplifies support tasks. It allows a technical personnel to support a version of one operating system or application angels Of also to set up Q P all the computers in the network in the same manner instead of suppya TG orting many individual and unique systems and setups.

Efficiency :

Image result for networkingIn a network, the deletion, modification or up graduation of the software/data is to be done at a single point. This brings more efficiency and effectiveness into working system.

Redundancy :

Networks reduce the need for hard copies of all documents. By sharing files over the network, the need to share paper copies of reports or any other information can be eliminated or greatly reduced.

Quickest Document Delivery :

Internet provides a facility to instantly deliver soft copies from one computer to other computer throughout the world.

Efficient Use Of Storage Media :

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It’s better to store a shareable application data on a network drive than to store a copy of the application on each user’s storage device. It is better to have one big hard disk in the server than to have small hard disks in different computers.

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