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Finally, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is dead. After a failed attempt to save the once-celebrated device from this exploding fiasco, the company has begun asking customers to return the units and receive refunds.

With instances of Note 7 units exploding even after they were replaced, this is a big cause of worry. After all, even returning them could be worrisome. Samsung’s device is nothing less than a tiny bomb which is on a no-fly list of majority airlines. So, ground mail is the only option and to ensure safe returns, the company has gone as far as to build fire-proof boxes.

The kit made available by Samsung has a series of boxes and protective bags, one of which comes with thermal resistant properties. It comes with an instruction kit and special protective gloves to safeguard your hands. The innermost box comes with a ceramic fiber lining, which is said to be about a quarter-inch thick.

Guys at XDA got their hands on one such box and have posted a video showing Samsung’s new fire-resistant kit. The set of instructions also include a line that the returns should be made only via ground mail.

According to The Daily Mail, the kits began to arrive as the Royal Mail in the UK refused to handle Note 7 returns. It is being termed as a safety hazard, and why not? The device bursts into flames even after being powered down.

Meanwhile in India, Samsung had officially launched the Note 7 on 11 August at Rs 59,900. By early September, the DGCA had issued a warning and banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on flights. “In light of the recent incidents involving battery incidents with Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices globally, traveling public and airlines are advised not to switch on these mobiles during the flight or stow them in any checked in baggage,” the issued DGCA order read.

Samsung had also issued an official statement on the Note 7 in India, citing customers’ safety being an absolute priority at Samsung, the company announced delayed sales of the Galaxy Note 7. While 28 October was suppose to mark the relaunch of the Note 7, just ahead of Diwali, it now looks like a damp squib. Meanwhile, those who had preordered the device were sent text messages promising free VR headsets and bundled apps to make up for the delay. However, some who opted for a refund, haven’t received it yet. In India, the devices didn’t officially fly off shelves, but we wonder what will happen to those consumers who bought the device from other sources. Will Samsung even bother with fireproof boxes in India?

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