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Gokano is the site where you can get free gifts after collecting some points, they said that GN. After answering or voting a single question, you can collect GN. Then after collecting the GN, you can redeem the gifts from 3 categories which are gadgets, accessories and electronics.

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How to collect points (GN)

  • Login daily and click the "Collect daily points"
  • Complete missions by answering the daily poll (a single easy question)
  • Invite new members

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How much we earn point

  • for inviting a member - 1GN
  • for daily log-ins and clicking GET DAILY GN - 1GN  
  • for daily missions - 1GN or more
  • for social and extra missions - Differently

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Gold member

Standard members earn 1 point for each of the actions above, while Gold members earn double the points! To receive the Gold rank (and get a free t-shirt along with it) you just need to invite 30 people!

Do NOT cheat to earn points faster, be legit!

Gokano is terminating false/inactive accounts and dishonest members are losing their points.

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What is VP point

These points can be acquired by making tasks such as watching videos and downloading the applications and registering in their websites and we get these VP points, which can be redeemed any time, if you have sufficient points and the prizes are really amazing and they have Facebook page and they update every information in that page. 

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Gifts are divided in 3 categories: Gadgets, Electronics and Accessories.

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Gokano always announces tha date of restocks.

Next restock: unknown (waiting for Gokano to announce it).

Restocks only last for a few minutes, so you have to be really lucky or quick to order your prize.

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Gokano is based in Poland (Europe) but they ship prizes to any country worldwide completely for free!

Prizes are shipped within 28 working days from order's date.

This is a genuine website I am using it.


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By using this link you participate in the biggest giveaway of all Apple's product like iPhone 7... And you also get 5000GN and 1000VP in Gokano.

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