How often should I clean my computer?


The frequency of how often you should clean your computer varies on different factors. To help you determine how often you need to clean your computer we created the checklist below. Check each of the boxes below that apply to your computers conditions to help determine how often you should clean the computer.

Where is computer located?   

  • In a home environment    
  • In a clean office environment    
  • In construction or industry environment    
  • In school environment    

Computer environment    

  • Have cat or dog in same building as computer    
  • Smoke in same building as computer   
  • Smoke next to computer    
  • Computer is on floor    
  • Room that the computer is in has carpet   
  • Eat or drink by computer    

Who uses it?    

  • Adult (18 and older)    
  • Young adults (ages 10-18) use computer  
  • Pre-teen (younger than 10) use computer    
  • More than one person uses computer    
With what is checked above, clean your computer every 11 months.

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