How to transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account?


 What is Paytm Wallet?

Paytm Wallet, as mentioned above, is the digital payment instrument where you can transfer money from your bank account or credit card to use for transactions on the platform. You need to set up an account using your mobile phone number and email ID to setup a Paytm account and transfer cash to the wallet. You can add up to Rs. 10,000 in a month in the Wallet; if you want to increase the monthly limit, then you can get the KYC (Know Your Customer) processor done. With this, you can have up to Rs. 1 lakh in the Paytm Wallet at any point of time.

Am I get money back in my bank account?

Yes, you can transfer Paytm Wallet money into your bank account as per your convenience. Through its absolutely simple user interface and great design, it instils a sense of trust & confidence when each time you make a transaction on the portal. To get your money return to your bank account follow these steps... 

Steps to follow

Step 1: You'll need a Paytm account in which your so called cashback is stuck, a registered mobile to login with a mobile phone or laptop in Paytm.

Step 2: Just Click on “Transfer Money to Bank”.

Step 3: Fill in the account holder name and account number with respective amount you wish to transfer.

Step 4: Select the bank, state, city and branch or if you know the IFSC code manually type in the code in there(This is very convenient) and Submit.

Step 5: Click "Send Money".

Step 6: Enjoy your money back into your bank.

T&C to Send paytm money to bank account*

  • Minimum balance that can be transfer is Rs 500.
  • Processing fee4% charges applicable on money being transferred to bank account by a normal paytm user.1% charges applicable if you have an upgraded paytm wallet.
  • Make sure you have 45 days old account.
  • Email & mobile number must be verified on paytm.
  • For example if you are transferring Rs 1000 to bank account & don’t have upgraded Paytm wallet then,

You will be charged 4% i.e 1000*4/100 = Rs 40 (Practically it is 41.67 ) as service fees.
You will be charged total Rs 1041.67 from paytm wallet.

You will get Rs. 1000 in your bank account.

4% charges matters for us that deducts for just sending money from Paytm to bank account. See Method 2 to send Paytm money to bank account free of cost, You can’t transfer more than 10000 from your paytm wallet to bank account in case normal Paytm account, While if you have upgraded wallet then you can transfer upto 25000 in a month with 1% service charge.

*Note: This charges might not take place in your transactions 

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