Happy Birthday iPhone: It's 10 year of revolution


Hey Friends, today we are going to celebrate a birthday of Apple's iPhone. Yes our favorite iPhone is become 10 years old, so in NextisEasy we are celebrating its birthday by giving you some of the best articles on 'iPhones and Apple' with some informations....

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Happy birthday iPhone

Apple's east CEO Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in market, ten years ago in 2007. On 9th January, when this step taken by CEO, nobody think that this step will change the world. Nowadays 60% of Apple's annual profit is come from only iPhone. Even today there is a downfall in iPhone but the love for iPhone is never end...

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22  Million Apps is use by the iPhone users...

88+  Times people touch their iPhone per day...

50%  Traffic on Internet (in smartphones) is come from only iPhone users...


January 2007         : iPhone launched
January 2008         : iPhone 3G
June  2009              : iPhone 3GS
June 2010               : iPhone 4
October 2011         : iPhone 4S
September 2012    : iPhone 5
September 2013    : iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C
September 2014    : iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
September 2015    : iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus
March 2016           : iPhone SE
September 2016    : iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus
September 2017    : iPhone 8 (Prediction)

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