How to become a successful Blogger?


Why have a blog?

To earn an income online – or – simply to have fun.

The choice is yours.

The next question or problem you face is what is the best way to build a blog – a critical issue if you are not an IT person.

And, it is easy to set up!
The presumption in this APP is that you will be maintaining the blog yourself rather than paying for it to be done by someone else.
This is all about DIY your own blog – and there are options that really make it easy for you.
To help you determine the style of the blog go through these questions first.
  • What do you need a blog for?
  • What’s its purpose?
  • Is it about information?
  • Is it just for fun?
  • Is it for landing pages only?
  • Is it a site for promoting products (e.g. Clickbank products)
  • Will you be inserting Adsense as part of your site monetization program?
  • (don’t build a site just for Adsense – Google won’t be friendly!)
  • What is your budget? – there may be a monthly fees (e.g. ranging from $6 -$30 a month)
Answering these will help you decide the style, content and cost.
Wordpress and Google’s Blogger have free blogs, but there are restrictions if you want it for a business or money making blog.

Guide for BLOGGING

For anyone new to blogging it can be a challenge coming up with interesting material on their niche topic to write about. Here are some basic tips on how to write a blog post.

1. Basic Guidelines

  • Headlines should be concise and keyword rich. … that is based on the topic or niche. Don’t waffle but make your point straightaway and then expand on it.
  • Present one idea per post. If more points are relevant, then make it a series – e.g. part one, part two etc.
  • Stay focused on one idea.
  • People love how to lists – so give reviews, lists of best/worse, tips how to and so on.
  • Keep articles to 200-500 words…. and use bullet points as well
  • Always use a photo, video or graphic if available – check out YouTube, Google Image search

2. Know your target audience.

  • Identify your audience and then tailor blog posts to what they want to know within that niche.
  • Consider your ideal customer/client/buyer/visitor/reader. What kind of people visit your website, what are they looking for and how can you provide them with the resources they want?

3. Use Keywords.

  • Identify the exact niche keywords people use to access your website. The Keyword Tool in Google AdWords for this.
  • Use keywords have high search volume...and use those keywords within the context of your article.
  • Blog content that is rich in keywords will rank higher on search engines and help your blog get found in the mix.
DON’T just repeat the same keyword as that is considered to be keyword stuffing.

4. Link.

  • Use links to other blogs and websites that are related to your topic or niche – as this will give your readers more information. This is seen as being useful and people develop trust in you.
  • Use authoritative sites like Wikipedia and .gov and .edu sites that are relevant.
  • The best kept secret in blogging is that there are no secrets, so don’t be afraid that you will lose out.
  • Warning: Don’t add links for the sake of adding links, this will actually decrease your page rank in Google.
Only add links that add value to your article.

5. Use social media to promote your blog post

As well as posting links to your socil media apps – e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, also make entries in them linking back to the blog or an article in the blog.

After you’ve promoted your blog post on social media, track which posts perform best and write more blog posts in the same fashion.
Try Crowdbooster to track your tweets and also to schedule tweets when you are away. Crowdbooster is free.

Tips to be good blogger

  • No need to be formal - be your natural self and talk as if the person reading the article was in front of you.
  • Be passionate about the topic - write about what you know and are keen on - as you are really recommending it to the reader.
  • Try to be original - even if it is a topic or niche that is well known and writen about - your perspective is valuable and unique.
  •  Maintain a rhythm of blogging so your readers will come to know what to expect.
  • Write consistently, in the same style, and schedule your blogging on a regular basis so your readers will know when to look forward to the next one.
  • Last, but not least - have fun
Thanks for reading... 

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