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I get bombarded with adware and my home page has changed

Many do not notice that they often accept a new toolbar when they download free programs such as Adobe Reader. 

For example Adobe Reader now offers the Google Chrome internet browser as part of its download. Whilst Adobe and Google are reputable companies, other free downloads may install toolbars or other applications that can contain malicious code that hijacks your browser and changes all the settings. 

So your home page for example is changed to another website that you can't then change back. At the same time, annoying pop-up messages with advertisements for products you've never asked for are constantly displayed on screen every time you try to browse the internet. 


Read the conditions before downloading a new program and pay attention to what you allow. If damage is done, it can be difficult to remove the program. 

The best bet is to follow the instructions found when looking for information about the specific problem on Google. There are probably others who have had the same challenge and have described the solution on the internet. 

If you are not so technical, professional PC support may be the solution.

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