Some Eye-Catching Specs and Expectations from Samsung Galaxy S8


YES!!!  Samsung is going to launch Galaxy S8, then what we are waiting for?  Let's talk about it's specs and expectations...

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Samsung s8 comes with a screen of 5.2 inches and improved advanced screen resolution technology for 4k display with an amazing user interface. The device comes with a keen resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels which gives the best video quality with an HD display. Samsung s8 has a blended screen which gives the device an amazing touch. The device is protected is corning gorilla glass 5, so the device is water resistant and scratch resistant.


The interesting features are that the device has the best image capturing camera. It has a 30MP camera the rear end and a 12Mp camera at the front view with a dual LED flash, probably the best camera quality with most advanced and amazing features such as geotagging, face recognition, smile detection, and other additional features. The image also gives a high resolution capturing.The interesting feature is that it has got a dual camera, which is the advanced version when compared to Samsung s7. The camera has improved a lot, so this is one of the reasons which makes the device much smarter.


The Samsung s8 will be having an internal storage capacity of 64/128 GB and the memory can also be extended by a dual external memory card slot provided to the device, it can be extended up to 256GB so this gives a huge mass storage device for the user. The interesting features are that the smartphone has an internal storage read and write speed up to 500mpbs so the transferring of data from the external devices through the device makes much faster.


The Samsung s8 has snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core processor with a speed of 4.2 GHz so this smartphone is going to give the user the best performance even at the peak levels. The device performance is going to be massive, this is the reason the Samsung s8 has been the much awaiting smartphone. The device is has a ram of 6GB so this makes the device performance much quick and faster. The device handling is quite smooth and even has a high-end graphic gaming feature. The device is quite simple with the latest and advanced operating software.


The Samsung s8 also has the key feature of the fingerprint sensor, so the device is highly safe and protected. This also has a 3D force touch similar to that of iPhone. The device touch response is quite realistic and responsive, which is much comforting to the user.


Here is the main advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the smartphone has a non-removable battery of 6200mAh. This make gives the smartphone the last longing performance and the device has a swift wireless charger 4.0 through which it can be charged up to 80% with 30 minutes. So the device can be charged in a very short time.


The Samsung s8 is known for its updated features that are, it comes with the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 and HTML supported device. The device has a smooth finishing and can have good grip. The device can also resist water up to 1 hour and gives a better performance when compared to other smartphones in the Samsung s series. So these are some of the key features and rumors of Samsung s8.

  • Some other expectations from Galaxy S8...

  • Improved Security

Security is a feature that Samsung has been watching in the recent release. With the Galaxy S8, company will not be taking any risks with security. The phone will be the most secure phone in the world. Some of the security features that we expect to see include eye scanning technology. The eye scanning technology has been there before and therefore Samsung will only be working on improving it by making it more efficient. Expect a quicker response and lesser time in registering retina information.

  • Fast Speed

Another major concern by Samsung will be to improve speed and performance. As it will be highlighted when mentioning the specs of this phone, the speed and performance will be simply amazing.

  • Unique Glass-like Surround

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a unique glass-like surround that will hold up much better than the existing ones. The surround will not only be durable but also smart and thus serve a double function.

  • Rapid Charging

As it has been seen with the previous productions, most high end mobile devices are incorporating the feature of fast charging to lure businessmen. If you want to experience the best then you will need to wait for upcoming Samsung S8. This phone will come with a super fast charging ability. The rapid charging feature will allow you to charge your battery to its full capacity in only 20 minutes.

  • Android Auto & Android Pay

Some of the trending ways of doing things will also be featured in the S 8. With your Galaxy Samsung S8, you will be able to control music in your car using the Android Auto app. Similarly, you can check out at different retail shops with your S8. The shopping ability will be powered by the Android Pay. 

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