3 Big Mistakes in Moto G5 Plus*


Hello friends, today we are talking about the 3 Mistakes in Newest Budgeted Mobile – Moto G5 Plus.

* DISCLAIMER: This is only our views, and this is only for Educational Purpose. We don’t give you any suggestion that the phone is good or not. Please read it and gain knowledge.

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The biggest mistake in Moto G5 Plus is about the Camera Auto Focus. According to price of the Phone, the Camera Auto focus is slow. Auto Focus is not slow in every places but it is slow in some places. But the low light camera is great.

If company look for fast Auto Focus. Company gives us the great Low light Camera Quality. This will be become a big problem for Moto, because the users also want best camera focus with low light camera quality.


This is very surprising fault in Moto G5 Plus, that, there is no LED Notification light. There is only an automatic screen on notification. Company gives the good effect in Screen on notification but they also have to give the good LED Notification Light.

Because the price of the phone is good but this is the basic feature given by all the local companies In their mobile, so we think that Moto G5 Plus has also this feature, this will help to increase the selling of Moto G5 Plus.


The non-sense mistake by the big company in their mobile! The internal storage in the Moto G5 Plus is only 16 GB. Again, According to the price of Moto G5 Plus, the internal Storage of the mobile is less, NOT LESS but very less.

Company must have to give 32 GB Internal Storage, again according to the price of the phone.

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