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Sometimes in marriage albums, even a normal looking person looks o fair, wrinkle free, handsome and smart. Wonder, how it is possible! Well, this is the magic of PHOTOSHOP.


Adobe photoshop popularly known as photoshop, is graphics editing program develop by Adobe Systems. Photoshop is widely- used by the millions of graphics artist, web developers, photographers, as well as ordinary people. Most of the posters, magazines covers, book covers, brochures etc. have all been created by the Photoshop. Because of the popularity of the software, it has been accepted as “an industry standard for graphics professionals” and is regarded as one of the early “Killer applications” on the PC.


Adobe Photoshop was developed by two American Brothers, Thomas and John Knoll. There was a disturbance in license, that’s why they sold his distribution license to Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1998. Thomas Knoll, a PhD student at University of Michigan, began the writing of the code in Mackintosh. This program, called Display. ‘Display” grab the attention of his brother, Thomas. Thomas took a break for six months from his studies only for the ‘Display’. Thomas rename the program from ‘Display’ to ‘ImagePro’ But this name is already taken so they finally chose ‘Photoshop’.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Photo-editing or photo manipulation in lesser time and little effort.
  • Powerful tools to:
  • Enhance or change the color of an image by adjusting the brightness and contrast, color balance, hue and saturation, levels curves etc.
  • Crop or resize pictures without losing quality of an image.
  • Remove the background with an Eraser tool.
  • Select pricise parts of an image.
  • Create graphics for the web applications with reduce file size thereby, helping in faster loading of the website. The files can be compressed by 10 to 50% of the original size. We can also make Animated Graphics (GIF).
  •  Layer effects – preserve the original stae of an image while manipulating another version of it through another layer. We can add as many layers as we need.
  • We can also create 3D Icons.


Photoshop has it default extension, .PSD.

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