iPhone Sales Rise in the EU & US; Android Sales See a Drop in the US: Kantar


As we know that, the iPhone 7 is one of the most selling smartphone in world. The Android based smartphones is numerically large in number but the power and the popularity of Apple's iPhones is infinite. Everybody wants an iPhone, in any part of the world.


  • iPhone is holding 22.7% of share.
  • EU5 stands for European Union Five.
  • Android was second and accounted for 74.3 percent of smartphone sales.
  • BlackBerry OS, Symbian or Windows Mobile losing their grip.

iPhone 7 is the top seller in EU5 with iOS. This hold a 22.7 percent of shares in EU5, the share is raise by 2.5 percent. Android is in second position with its 74.3 percent of Smartphones sale, with the marginal increase from 72.9 Percent in the last three months.

EU5 stands for European Union Five, in which France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain are members. 

According to Spain-based consumer research firm Kantar Worldpanel, iOS is growing faster than the Android in many big countries, except for Japan, Spain and in China.

The report says that, in one side the iOS and Android is growing faster and one of the best operating system in smartphones, whereas other Operating Systems like Blackberry OS, Symbian and Windows are losing their grip and going to lose their sales also.

All new Android Based Smartphones which gain lot of attention in market is Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, with the other smartphone Nokia 6.

Meanwhile, Android remain the best and top selling OS in Asia including China and India. The percent of sale in Asia is around 85 percent, with the increase of 9 percent in last year.

Huawei continued to dominate the region at 26.6 percent. Apple and Xiaomi are the second and third largest manufacturers in Asia, with 16.6 percent and 14.5 percent shares respectively.

But the Picture of the shares and sales is totally different in US... let's se:

Android has 54 percent of sales in present time, with the loss of 1.8 percent in last year. But the iOS has 45 percent of smartphones sale with the rise of 2.9 percent... last year.

We will have fun to see this race. Please comment below which OS you like more. 

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