What is Google BigTable? (In Short)


Bigtable is a compressed, high performance and proprietary data storage system. The Bigtable is built on Google File System, Chubby Lock Service, SSTable and a few other Google technologies. The SSTable means log-structured storage like LevelDB.  And Compression algorithms help to achieve high capacity.

The BigTable was publicly available for service on May 6, 2015. Now BigTable is also come in the Google Cloud Storage Datastore. This is available as a part of Google Cloud Platform.

The development of BigTable, began in 2004, and now this is used in a number of Google Applications, such as Web Indexing etc. Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Book Search, Blogger, Google Code Hosting, Gmail and YouTube also, using BigTable.

The biggest reason for Google’s creating its own Datastore include scalability and better control of performance characteristics. Google F1 was built using Spanner to replace an implementation based on MySQL. And this was the first time the technology was intended to be used with PetaBytes(PB) of data..

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