iPhone 8 delayed till November, Cost will be Less Than $1000


This report may hurt the iPhone's lover because according to the report Apple iPhone 8 will may be delayed till November. But this report also says that the price of iPhone 8 will be less than $1000

This fresh report has cropped up claiming that Apple may delay the launch of the iPhone 8 to October or November due to “issues related to the lamination process of curved OLED panels”. 

Many reports said many things about the delayed of iPhone 8. Economic Daily News reports that the iPhone 8 may be delayed due to “technical issues related to the lamination process of curved OLED panels, and the adoption of a 3D sensing system.” 

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Some rumours also said that the Apple iPhone 8 will come in Limited Quantities.Apple has reportedly ordered 70 million OLED display panels from Samsung, its exclusive dealer for OLED this year, and Samsung is said to be preparing for 90 million just in case.

This supply is blamed for the $1000+, but now this problem is may be end according to the reports and rumours. The OLED displays as they are much more expensive than the LCD displays.

Lets see what happen when iPhone 8 will launch...

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