What is Motherboard? & How it Works?

Today I am going to talk about the main component of any computer – Motherboard. We all are aware of the ‘Motherboard’ but you don’t know exactly what is Motherboard and how it actually works! If you don’t know then don’t worry about that! We are going to tell you.


The Motherboard is the main and the complex part of the electronic device like computer and laptop. You can also say that the motherboard is the central part of computer which connects the computer. Motherboard connects the different parts of computer which helps to work together.

The pic of Motherboard is below...

That's how the Motherboard looks like....

The motherboard is alternatively known as the Mainboard, System Board, Baseboard, Planar board and also Logic Board.

The motherboard is the main Printed Circuit Board, known as PCB, found in general purpose microcomputers and other expandable system.

As the name says all – ‘Mother’, this connect the devices like interface cards, sound cards, video cards, network cards, hard drives, TV tuner cards, extra USB or FireWire slots, peripheral devices etc.


There are many uses and functions of motherboard in your computer system but we are going to tell you some of the most important functions and uses:

  • Processor

The main function of the motherboard is containing the number of sockets of the CPU. You can also say that the motherboard has used for having varied configurations for the processor pins.

See that small Processors....!

  • Chipset

The chipset is basically used in a PC to transfer data from parts to parts. Therefore, chipset is used the microprocessors in motherboard.

  • Memory

Motherboard is also used for memory because the RAM used or install by users is also impact motherboard.

These are the three most important uses…


Actually if you are common people and only need to know little bit about the motherboard working process then – there is no working process of the motherboard….

  • If you are here for the one line answer then here it is…

The motherboard is only provide the platform for the components of the computer to work together and performs the some specific tasks.

  • But if you are here for complete answer, then read more…

A motherboard allows all the parts of your computer system to receive power, communicate and work with one another.

The first motherboards had come with IBM PC. The first motherboard had only the slots and processors.

  • The CPU points to the Memory and to the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Controller.
  • That PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Controller points to the expansion cards and also hard drives.
  • The CPU points to the PCI controller that point to various other input/output such as the Network and USB connections.

Look at the Figure to understand more.... Effectively....

So, this is all I hope you understand the procedure, if you have any query please free to comment...

Thanks for reading....

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