How to Run Disk Cleanup Utility?


Disk Cleanup is used when user want to search the computer hard disk for unnecessary files which are not using for long time and occupying huge amount of space. It helps to cleanup those unnecessary files in that Hard Disk by deleting and free up the space for your necessary files. These files can be:

  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Downloaded Program Files
  • Recycle bin Files
  • Windows Temporary Files
  • Etc.  

So, today we are talking about the Disk Cleanup and how to use it. So let’s start…

v  How to Run Disk Cleanup Utility?

  • Click on Start
  • Go to All Programs
  • Go to Accessories
  • Go to System Tools
  • Disk Cleanup

For users using Windows 8 or above:
Simply search…

  • A dialog box will open, asking you to select the drive.
  • Now click on the Drop-Down button and select the drive that you want to cleanup, then click on OK.
Select Drive

The Utility will and display the unnecessary files that can safely be deleted.

  • Select the files that have to be removed and then click on OK.

Work in Progress

This will delete all the selected files and free up the occupied space in the computer Hard Disk.

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