What is Ransomware? How to Protect Your Computer From Ransomware?

Hello friends today we are going to talk about Ransomware which is the most dangerous and also popular Malware in computer and Internet world. This ransom is in controversy because the research observed that the 590,000 infection are found in 99 countries. So what is Ransomeware and how to protect your computer from Ransomware and many other related topics of Ransomware.

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of Malicious Software, which is especially designed to block the computer system by accessing. And this software done this until a ransom is paid. Ransomware is simply lock the system in that way, no one can easily returned to that secure place and this also display an Error Message and asking for ransom paid/payment. This ransom paid is a payment giving to the creator(s) of this Malware. This cost is taken in order to remove the Malware.

Some Ransomware also encrypt files on the system hard disk. This make files an inaccessible, unstable, and some other problems, and demands the payment to decrypt them.

Thus, you can also say that the Ransomware is a type of Malware which denial the access of many files, folders or say whole computer system, from users. These types of Ransomware attacks are typically come out using a Trojan.

Trojan is a type of malicious software which is used to hack into the computer by misleading users.

According to Wikipedia, in Russia, the use of Ransomware scams has grown internationally. In June 2013, McAfee released data showing that it collected over 250,000 unique samples of Ransomware in the first quarter of 2013. This is more than double from previous year.

  • The hackers used mostly Bitcoin in the form of Ransom Paid/Payment.

How to Protect Yourself against Ransomware Attacks?

The best way to protect your system from Ransomware is to take back up of your computer files separately in other system. So if you become a victim then you will easily replace your main files by corrupted files.

How Hackers Transfer Ransomware to Your Computer?

  • The most common way, hackers used for transferring Ransomware are through emails and websites.
  • Downloading a bad program or app
  • Connecting via infected device

If you are a victim and you are thinking to pay Ransom then please look here:

If you are a victim and you are thinking to pay Ransom, there is no guarantee that all files will be come back in a secure form so using your back-up data is much better than Ransom Paid/Payment.

Ransom Payment

The payment by the hackers is usually $300 to $400 to restore your access.

If you have any question or query related to Ransomware then feel free to comment below and also share with your friends and family so they can also safe their PC(s).


The only tip is: please scan your whole system with new and updated antivirus so it can prevent you from ransomware.

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