What is Scratch Programming language?


Scratch is a very simple and easy programming language especially for children. This, let you create your own interactive stories, animations,  games etc. specially for fun. 

  • Scratch is a free download software. 

Features of Scratch

There are numerous features of this language:

  • It is very easy to learn and use. That's why this language is also in primary children's syllabus, because it is very easy and give the first introduction of Programming to the children.
  • It allows you to learn the basic of the programming in a manner that full of fun. 
  • Scratch provides a graphical environment where you connect blocks of code to build programs. 

About Developer

This language was developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten, Group at the MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab,  which is led by Mitchel Resnick in 2003. They had financial support from the National Science Foundation,  Intel Foundation, and the MIT(Media Lab). 

  • The first official website was originally launched in 2006.

Scratch 2.0 it's the second current major version. Scratch 2.0 is followed by Scratch 1.4. It has redesigned editors, and allows you to edit projects directly from your web browser. It support offline editors as well. It was officially released on May 09, 2013.

Scratch software can easily run on different operating system(OS) including Windows, Mac OS and also Linux. 

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