How to use your Whatsapp as your Private Storage Space?


WhatsApp Messenger is the free-of-cost and instant messaging service for smartphones. WhatsApp is now available for nearly all devices, including your Desktop screen.

It uses the internet to sent messages, GIFs, videos, documents etc. Most people only use their WhatsApp for sending messages. Nowadays, WhatsApp is the only way to connect with our friends.

We are sure that you are primarily using your WhatsApp only for text messaging and calls but there are also some of the interesting things which you can do it in your WhatsApp, and today we are going to tell you one of these interesting tricks.

If you want your Private Storage Space in your WhatsApp, you only want to create a virtual contact in which you sent your documents or anything.

As you know that, it is not possible to send anything to your own number but today we are going to tell you a simple hack. You only need to make a new WhatsApp group with just a single participant, which is YOU! –
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Create a new group.
  • Add any Number from your address book.
  • Give any name and save.
  • Now go to the group and remove that participant.
  • Now you are alone in that WhatsApp group.

That’s all! Now you have a private store in WhatsApp and it is only visible only to you because there is only one participant – You.

And if you want to store or transfer a documents from your Computer to Phone by using ‘WhatsApp Web

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