Fingerprint Recognition

As we know that every smartphone company give a fingerprint sensor on their phones. This is said to be the most secure type of lock in smartphones. So today we are going to talk about Fingerprint Recognition (or Scanner).

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Scanners are the type of security system of biometrics and used to identify individuals and this helps to verify their identity. As we know that, everyone has a unique mark on their fingers and that can never be removed or changed by anyone. The marks or patterns on your fingers are said to be yours Fingerprint.

Types of Patterns

The unique pattern on every fingers make difficult to divide in some specific characteristics because there are countless combinations of fingerprint. But there are three basic patterns of fingerprint ridges:
  • Arch
  • Loop
  • Whorl

We are not sharing any other information of the patterns. If you want to know more Search it on Google… :-)

Types of Fingerprint Scanners

There are basically four types of fingerprint scanners:

  • Optical Scanners: This type of scanners uses the digital cameras to take a visual image of fingerprint.
  • Capacitive Scanners: This type of scanners, form an image of your fingerprint by using the capacitors and electrical current.
  • Thermal Scanners: As the name say, this use temperature to find the difference on the contact surfaces.
  • Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanners: It uses high frequency sound waves to detect fingerprints.

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