What is Computer Network/Networking?

When computer was invented, people think that connecting the two or more computers is impossible. But the Computer Network made this possible.

So today we are going to learn about the Computer Network...

What is Network?

Networking is the process of connecting two computers for sharing their data. If you have nothing to share to other computers then the networking is nothing for you.

In our daily life, we come across many type of networks like:
  • Networks of roads, railways, canals etc
  • Networks of banks/ATMs
  • Radio and television network broadcast programs live across countries and continents.
  • Communication network of telephone, mobiles etc
  • A huge network of malls, cinemas, hospitals, etc
  • Video conferencing is a networking that allows the people to communicate in real time between two far off places.
  • Internet is (also) an Outcome of Cyber Networking.

Are These Network?

  • A computer is connected to a printer, but there is no communication between different computers, as there is only one computer. So this is not an example of network.
  • Two computers sharing data with each other is an example of a very simple network.

What is Computer Network?

If two or more computers connected with each other to share resources and informations, forms a computer network.

A computer network helps to share data and resources in two or more computer. They can also communicate independently, with each other. They can also share printers, modems, storage, and many other peripheral devices like CD Drive etc. The devices can be separated by a few meters (via cables etc.) or thousands of kilometers (via Internet).

  • Nodes/Workstation: The connected devices in the Computer Network which is used to exchange or share the resources.

Computer Network is a type of system which helps the nodes or workstation to share the resources and information.

  • Computer Network is also known as 'Data Network'.

In Computer Network, the connected nodes/workstation or connected devices share and exchange the data each other by using Data Link.

  • Computer Network or Data Network is also a 'Telecommunication Network'.

Nodes are include Hosts. And the Hosts can be Phones, Servers, Personal Computers(PCs) as well as Networking Hardwares.

We said the devices are in a network when they are able to exchange the information each other.

Network Security

Network security means protecting data and resources from access by unauthorized persons. There are two general levels of network security:
  • Login security: You are given a unique login name and password.
  • Rights security: Based upon your username, you are given rights like Read- Only Access or Read -Write Access or No access at all. A combination of rights can also be granted to the same user for different sets of data.

Terms To Remember

  • In a network, two or more computers can communicate with each other and share peripheral devices.
  • Network improves the communication speed and accuracy.
  • We can send messages at a very fast speed over a long distance using satellite and microwaves.
  • Computers, which are connected to the server are called Workstations or nodes.
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