What is Personal Area Network (PAN)?


Hello friends, today we are going to learn about ‘What actually Personal Area Network is?’ which is also known as PAN. So without wasting any time let’s start…

What is Personal Area Network (PAN)?

A Personal Area Network (PAN) is mainly used to transmission the data between personal devices such as Computers, Telephones, Tablets or any other Personal Digital Assistants. Like any other network, Personal Area Network (PAN) also provides the nodes, not only to transfer data but also to communicate.

The Data Cable is an example of Personal Area Network (PAN), because this connection is used for the User’s personal use only.
Personal Area Network (PAN) is used for Personal use only!


Personal Area Network (PAN) is very portable so user can easily move from one place to another and he can easily carry his portable devices/nodes like Laptop, Personal Digital Assistants etc.

User can also used Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), so you can easily establish your network wherever you want without using Wires.


Personal Area Network (PAN) is secure because the information shared in this type of network is secured with two administrative user/devices/nodes.

Most Important: Health Issues

Devices like Laptop, Smartphones, Telephones or any other communication devices or Wireless devices have microwave signals as medium for communication path, which is unhealthy for our brain. This cause many problems related to your brain, heart etc.

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