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Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the most famous free and open source operating system, which is none other than – Linux.

Linux Operating System

Linux is a computer operating system. It is free and based on open source software development. It’s most important component is Linux Kernel.  Linux Kernel was first introduced on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is written in Primarily C and Assembly. Linux is based on Unix-like Operating System Family. The Kernel type use in Linux is Monolithic or Linux Kernel.

Originally, it was developed for Personal Computers (PC) which is actually based on the Intel  x86 architecture. But, after that it has been ported to many platforms. Linux is being ported to many platforms than any OS. Linux is the leading operating system on servers.

Other big iron system like Mainframe computers etc, are also using Linux operating system. More than 2.3% of Desktop Computers are running on Linux in the World.

The Linux development is considered as one of the most famous and also prominent example of free and open-source software. As we know that the open-source software is a type of software which is available with its source code in market with its license.

As we know, Unix became most popular and likable operating system in 1980s. But because of its many restriction most of the people stop using it. So, most of the people think that why not they made an operating system just like Unix but without any restrictions and this made the birth of Linux.

Unlike Unix, Linux gave users the free way to anyone to share things and improve as per their requirements.

The ‘Tux’ – the Penguin is the symbol of Linux. The name of the Penguin is Tux. The idea of the penguin came from the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds. Larry Ewing was made this logo for a competition to create a Logo. This logo didn’t win the competition but was picked as a mascot for Linux, whenever anyone see the Tux, it means that it will work with Linux.

As we talk above, the most of the code of Linux is written in primarily C. Around 71% of the source code  is written in C and rest is written in C++, Assembly Language, Fortran (Formula Translator), Phython, Perl and various other.

There are many several other operating system that use the Linux Kernel:

NOTE: If you want to know about these operating systems in details so please comment below and we’ll add them soon.

The ‘Kernel’ is just like the core of computer program in an OS. The kernel helps as a connection between the hardware and software of a computer system. Therefore, it controls everything which occurs in the computer system.

GNU General Public License (GPL), licensed most of the GNU software and also Linux Kernel.  ‘Linux’ is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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